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Theories of Bayes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Theories of Bayes - Essay Examplees himself had not been sure regarding the application of the theory, the importance and the applications of the Bayes theory in multidisciplinary fields had been recognized. The theory explores the probability of a number in two successive draws. It can then be considered applicable in relatively complex systems of studies (Savchuk & Tsokos, 2011).The theory of Bayes had been used in the selected study of the researcher Seung-Joon Jeon published in 2012 about the communication to the Editor Bull. There are different reasons as to why the use of the Bayes’ theorem had been used and is considered effective in the explanation of the results of the study. According to the author of the research paper, the application of the theory is determined since it can explain inverse probability in conditional probability which is also referred to as subjective probability. Biological systems are composed of few elements that are bound together in infinitely unique ways, for that matter, there is a high subjective probability or personal belief that these elements or molecules can form in expected ways. Specifically, it explores the probability of events based on another probability. The example given in the paper is the rare event of a binder molecule to find the right target site on the basis of two probabilities which are staying on a wrong site until the correct site had been found or continuously looking for the right site, thus the probability on the basis of another probability. The third reason had also been expressed in the paper which is the fact that Bayes’ theory had the most capacity to apply the strategy of determining the wrong site or the improbable event without doubt rather than the right site first accuracy (Jeon, 2012).In conclusion, the application of the theory of Bayes can be considered important in scientific systems that needed determination of an interconnected or overlapping systems of probability e.g. in this case a rare even in the


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